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Nos robes chemises toutes soyeuses !

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Découvrez nos nouvelles robes

Our vibrant shirts | Handmade

Comfort, style and uniqueness in silk or chiffon

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A few look ideas with our eye-catching shirts

Casual-chic | Man


Our shirts for men 

A sneak peek...

Keep an eye out because exciting new models will be making their way to our site soon!

Summer vibes | Women

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  • About us

    Blasian Style seeks to transcend convention and bring together the distinct cultures of Benin, Japan, and France. Through this union, their goal is to identify common ground that binds them, promoting a distinctive and harmonious approach. By breaking conventional norms, their aim is to uncover shared elements among these three cultures and foster a truly unique and innovative perspective.

  • Our values

    We are committed to providing a quality service, highlighting local materials and offering unique creations made by local artisans. Our products are available in limited quantities, making them all the more exclusive.

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